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TriRidgefield Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon

Sun June 2, 2024 Ridgefield, CT 06877 US Directions

Race Rules

The race is a USAT sanctioned race, so USAT rules are in effect. You must wear an ANSI-approved helmet during the entire cycling event. Headphones for music are prohibited during the race. You must be 13 years old or older to participate in TriRidgefield.


Crossing the centerline

Because of the high speeds and many turns you will encounter on the course, it will never be considered safe to cross the centerline under any circumstances during this race. Crossing a centerline, either broken or solid, even for a moment, will result in a time penalty and possibly disqualification. 

Bike position 

Ride to the right, pass to the left. You can only pass other cyclists on the left. Except when passing, you must ride as far to the right as possible. You have 15 seconds to complete a pass, and once it has been completed you must return to the right hand side of the road. 


Keep three bike lengths of air between you and the cyclist in front of you, unless you're passing. If you try to pass someone, you have 15 seconds to complete the pass. 

Being overtaken

If another cyclist passes you, you must immediately drop back behind that person, far enough so that you're out of the draft zone. This rule is hard to follow sometimes because your racing instincts will tell you to challenge the person who just passed you. However, it's required. You can only re-pass someone after you've dropped back out of the drafting zone. 

Unauthorized assistance

You can only receive assistance from official race volunteers and staff. Friends and family cannot give you any food or drink, or provide any help with equipment problems. Once the race begins, everyone competes on the same basis, with the same on-course support. Also, friends and family cannot be on the course with you, and in particular cannot pace you while you're running. 

Illegal Equipment

Any participant who at any time wears or carries a headset, radio (MP3 player, iPod etc), headphones or any other item prohibited in Section 3.4(i) shall be subject to a time penalty. It is unsafe and unfair for participants to listen to any type of music or device that will impair their hearing and awareness during the bike or run portion.


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